Thoughts of district 1 architects


District1architects is an architecture  studio established in September 2017 by Nguyen Thanh Tan Architect and his associates. Our designs goal is to make a connection in the community, evoking traditional  in modern life. Especially, connecting traditional Vietnamese villages with the projects to create indigenous factors.        

In the period of economic development, rapid constructionand lack of sustainability has seriously affected the beauty of the city.  Many glass-enclosed buildings are built with high density, so , the new designs are not focused from the begining, so they seriously affect urban beauty, causing waste of many resources. Low quality of living space negatively affects the health, humans personality, in urban areas.

 We think that a good  work will contribute to the beauty of the city,  Through each project, we want to urge people to think more about the city before building, not to build just because of personal advantages and forget about the community. Because the duration of each building lasts long, let’s build a “tree”, not   “concrete blocks”.

 Our aim is “renovating the city”


TAN NGUYEN, Founder.

We think a lot about urban appearance when creating an architectural project because we want the building to contribute to the beauty of the city. An architectural work must have communication between buildings and buildings, with the city, with people and nature. The meaning of communication involves the connection. When an architectural product exists, it will be influenced by surrounding factors such as climate, neighboring buildings, and vice versa, which is a two-way relationship.

Architecture reflects the historical factor at the time of construction, so when designing, we always try to imagine how our work will look in the future, over time.




Being architects in a fast-changing era of Technology, Materials and Fabrication, learning and sharing plays a main role in our office. Working on a global scale, gives each member of penda a valuable insight in different cultures and the opportunity to develop a unique set of skills. To make this individual skills accessible for all team members, we organise workshops and get-togethers in our spare time. Architectural Workshops about Software, Presentation, Rapid Prototyping, Physical Model Building, Sustainability, etc and others like Photography, Languages, Movies, Books, Art or History offers a broad area to learn from and create the positive benefit of moving out of one’s comfort zone. This hybrid of collaborative learning, teaching and sharing results in an increasingly evolving knowledge base for the team and serves as a foundation for our office culture.


Home of District 1


Since 2018 we have moved into our new home in Ho Chi Minh.

Plants, a use of rough materials, an honest appearance of the buildings (infra-) structure and a bunch of passionate creatives are the main feature of our office’s atmosphere. If you want to join our team or drop by at our office, find more information on our contact section.