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December 17th 2018  District 1 Architects in Ho Chi Minh Moved. Since 2018 we have moved into our new home in Ho Chi Minh. Plants, a use of rough materials, an honest appearance of the buildings (infra-) structure and a bunch of passionate creatives are the main feature of our office’s atmosphere. If you want to join our team or drop by at our office, find more information on our contact section.

December 17th 2018  Site Analysys for Toong Faifolane, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. After oneday, we visited almost the co working spaces of Toong. Because of that we could understand more about the spirit, mindset and the vision of Toong for project in this time. The location for the new office of Toong is in the increasing area of district 2 and we can see a lot of potentials of this project. The complex area which […]

October 12th 2018  Main Presentation Concept for King Crown’s Client, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We had the presentation meeting in the King Crown’s office with our partner (142 studio). We are looking forward to seeing the potential of this project. The complex area which is apartment service, restaurant and the yatch club will be one of the most important project in this year.

October 20th 2018  Phase one constructioncommences for King Crown, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Another milestone as we celebrated the beginning of the “King Crown” construction process with the groundbreaking ceremony held last 2 months. This marks the beginning of phase one of this project. Upon completion the 720 meter square project is set to complex aparment service, restaurant and yacht club